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Suicide vs Suicidal – Is There A Real Difference In How We Use Language

Suicide vs Suicidal – Is There A Real Difference In How We Use Language

Suicide is the second leading cause of death in 15-29-year-olds. There are indications that for each adult who died of suicide there may have been more than 20 others attempting suicide. (excerpt from World Health Organization)

When someone ends their life,  everyone is there, we hear ” I feel bad”
” I didn’t see the signs”
“Why did they do it, they had an amazing life”
However if someone was suicidal, everything becomes different. No one wants to hear the facts, the problem or even act that there is an issue. Reality is – being Suicidal isn’t just going to go away.
When your Suicidal, people believe it’s the only option for them and treating this like it is their problem will only bring them to confirm that it is the only option.

So When someone says their suicidal, don’t push them away, or say it’s only in their head, instead be the one who keeps them here – lend a hug, a listening ear and a compassionate heart.

Through The Eyes Of A Therapist

Through The Eyes Of A Therapist

Passion and Knowledge can go far in life, but it can be short lived if there is no action to what you believe in. As a Therapist at Embracing Empowerment Counselling Services our passion comes through on how we empower others to better themselves. We would like to share a few pointers on the driven knowledge and passion that we believe would help others take that courageous step of seeking help.

• When you accept yourself, both the good, the bad and the ugly – you will start to feel peace. I am here to tell you – YOU ARE ENOUGH.

• Learning to say NO is essential part of owning your own happiness. It’s ok to say you have limits. We are innated to please and help others, but when it takes all of who you are, we can become lost. So say NO for you.

• Comparing yourself to others will not get you anywhere. It can either make you feel superior or even feeling not worthy. We are all different who bring in uniqueness to the table. The goal is to find what your unique self brings to the world.

• Communication is Key to any resolution in life. With the technology that we have we forget that sometimes the basic human need is the concept of talk. It can omit life’s heartaches, hurt, pain, anger, sadness, loneliness.

• We are not here to “fix” people, We’re here to advise that you are a person, a human being, that consists of complexity, beauty & uniqueness. We are here to help you understand yourself, and find clarity of what that entails.

Happiness comes through glimpses of HOPE, COMPASSION and HEALING. Our Passion continues with ongoing Call of Action by providing 30 Minute Free Consultation, as we believe that Everyone Deserves Self Care!

Mental Health Crisis- Can Traditional Mental Health Delivery Survive?

Mental Health Crisis- Can Traditional Mental Health Delivery Survive?

According to Mental Health Commission of Canada 1 in 5 People in Canada experiences mental health problem or illness. 70 percent of youth who are dealing with mental health reported that their symptoms began during childhood years. An alarming statistics! Wait times still exist in the mental health industry and the increase of need is ever growing. So how does traditional mental health deliveries overcome such demand? It’s simple. We need to adapt to change.

Many initiatives are being developed every single day in order to better mental health services, but reality is many are not ready to adapt to drastic changes. We are immuned to our old ways. One way to ride the wave is to implement and place into action through simple changes. For example, being able to provide free clinics in order to determine urgency versus ongoing assistance. When a person who is struggling with their own mental health, the wealth of information and services become overwhelming, therefore they are unsure what to do. Simplifying the “how to ” can keep our traditional mental health deliveries alive. Breaking down barriers, bringing up new initiatives is a step to the right direction, but action is what will alter and save a life.

Mental Health Delivery is in crisis and so are many who are struggling with their own mental health – but we can save the omission of traditional delivery by knowing we all want TO BE HEARD and UNDERSTOOD. We cannot bandaid mental health by providing a quick fix to how we deliver services. Take the time to hear someone’s story because it can alter or save someone or even themselves.