The Wounds Within

Understanding trauma or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder/Injury (PTSD) isn’t an easy thing, but imagine living with it. Here are a few pointers about how We can help.

Trauma changes people, period. It changes ones physical being as well as how one thinks.

PTSD/Trauma hijacks ones identity. It takes away the one thing they knew for sure. Every moment is looked upon as dangerous, threatening and unpredictable. All the meanwhile one feels helpless, powerless, fearful.

Trauma makes one always on autopilot, a survival mode. Therefore hyper vigilance is pre-dominant. Survival responses are not in the control of the person itself but what they see and in order to protect themselves from further trauma including re-traumatization .

Knowledge is POWER- the more we know and how it is seen through the person suffering from it, the less we become scared of it- we need to normalize the aspects of trauma and PTSD, because it opens the doors to healing for those who wear the wounds within.

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