Therapy – The Power of Conversation

According to World Health Organization ( WHO) one million around the world take their own lives every year.  To make it even more gruelling – every 40 seconds another life is taken by suicide.

No matter if you are a friend, family member, a stranger or a mental health professional these statistics are unsettling.

I remember a time when I had a friend contemplating on taking their own life.  I’m not sure what I said to them but it swayed them from not going through with their plan. Years later, we reconnected, and I asked them what made their decision to not end their life – they said ” our conversation ”

What happen if I wasn’t there at that point of time ? Would they have gone through with their plan? The magnitude feeling you have,  knowing that you saved somebody by merely having a conversation is surreal.

Today, we are in the heap of technology, social media – everything appears to be online. For the past few years online therapy has become a huge phenomenon. It’s easy, it’s convenient. However there is some tweaks yet to be made on how it would be delivered, received and the risks still have yet to measured.

For some getting into the techie world is not something they are ready for, and believe conversing a face to face conversation can be beneficial.

The options are open to all.

The power of conversation can save a life – “our voice is the most powerful tool – it can help guide you to your path and it can also help another who lost their way.” (quote by Founder, Owner & Therapist Of Embracing Empowerment Counselling Services –  Parul Shah-08.23. 2016)

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