3 Steps Forward, 6 Steps Back: The Art of Gratitude and Accomplishments

When we are often in the midst of our own darkness being grateful and seeing our triumphs are much harder to visualize.  We often hear from others including Professionals to implement a gratitude journal, as it may add some light to what we are made of, yet does it really work?!

In the Oprah generation the art of gratitude was quite predominant in the late 90’s.  An idea that entertained that if an individual implements gratefulness in their daily lives, things become a little easier, hurdles don’t look like challenges but lessons.

The downfall of gratitude is when we take a few steps back from healing, the art of gratitude is gone and we begin again from the bottom up. Yes, some may say this is a vicious cycle and some may say, it okay to stumble backwards.

The art of gratitude, is knowing that it is okay to step forward and back and rather seeing it as a “Oprah Generation” to know that even when we fall, it’s our accomplishments that guides us to get right back up and say ” 3 Steps Forward, 6 Steps Back – I AM OKAY WITH THAT – now, that is the art of Gratitude.

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