Diversity and Mental Health

In September 2017, Founder and Therapist of Embracing Empowerment Counselling Services, Parul Shah was interviewed for 3 separate episodes for Mental Health Matters through CMHA Champlain East Division.

The 1st episode of our Founder’s interview aired on November 22nd.   Mental Health Matters is a local TV program in Cornwall, Ontario, where various topics about Mental Health are discussed.  Season 4 of Mental Health Matters themed around Diversity.

There are 11 episodes for this Season and it began to air  on October 10th,  World Mental Health Day. Our Founder will be seen again on YourTV Cornwall  in the middle of December for two episodes as she discusses Cultural Sensitivity ,Diversity when it comes to Mental Health and how to facilitate services within your community.


Full interviews will be posted once the Season is uploaded on Mental Health Matters website.

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