Entrepreneur of the Year 2019

At one time or another someone or ourselves will doubt our ability/expertise  to show up; dress the part and voice out the message of worthiness.
When we leave the life of conformity and create an environment that feels safe but extraordinary for ourselves it provides this magical sense of feeling that you were meant for this journey.
When you see and hear the changes your clients sees in themselves, the feeling of “ they are in growth” manifests the growth in you.
When you have a community, peers see what you bring to the table, the feeling of all doubt disappears.
Hustle is an everyday job.
My hustle is with the heart and soul of being real with myself, my clients, my peers, my friends, my family and my community .
The art of sharing our story is changing how we see each other, it helps us connect, it helps us all know that being imperfect is one amazing quality and by sharing it can provide healing for ourselves and can help someone else.
Im honored and humbled to have been awarded #DistinctiveWomen Entrepreneur of the Year 2019.
This award is beyond the beautiful named glass , it represents something much more to me. It means that even in the most challenging moments in building up a private practice , I didn’t give up on me and others who believed in me; I didn’t give up on my clients or on our community. That being the same person publicly, professionally and personally is of enormous value.
Thank you to all of my peers  who had nominated me.
If ever you felt you were all alone in the life of Entrepreneur/building a business – know you can rebuild your tribe as well, because the truth is – we are never alone especially when we are able  to see that reaching in and out is what we all need. And most precious thing of all, is  that leap of faith you took on yourself- know you are worthy to be in the same space like everyone else. YOU ARE ENOUGH!
Alive. Grateful. Blessed.
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