Seeking Professional HELP -Lending A Hand, A Listening Ear & Compassionate Heart

A topic that most of us have anxiety of – seeking professional help when we are unable to figure things out on our own.

The most common statement that is often used ” how can I open up to a stranger when I can’t even open up to my family/friends”

The word therapy is scary but also has held a lot of stigma. Therapy used to be looked down upon and only if you were defined as “crazy” that you would go seek help.

The world of therapy has changed dramatically as we break the silence on mental health. Seeking help isn’t just for significant mental health issues but it is also to help and guide when you just feel lost or needing a direction to find your passion in life.

When we click on a button on our laptop, smartphone, or pick up the phone to say “hi my name is, and I am inquiring what your counselling services offer as I need some help” can be the most powerful step that you would ever make for yourself. Seeking help and talking to someone other than family and friends are intimidating but at Embracing Empowerment counselling services, we are guided by how you are feeling through hope, compassion and empathy.

Therapy doesn’t change YOU it Empowers You ! #EmbraceHopeCompassionHealing #EmpoweringTheProcess

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Virtual Clinical Mental Health Consultation

We Offer 60 Minute Virtual Clinical Mental Health Consultation.