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At Embracing Empowerment Counselling Services, we specialize in assisting individuals in gaining deeper insights into their challenges and navigating through painful or confusing feelings. Our mission is to empower individuals to cultivate a revitalized sense of self.

This peer-based support group provides significant insights into how we can go from survival to thriving after therapy has been implemented. We offer a confidential, disclosed safe space to share your recovery with peers of similar trauma while trying to come to terms with how post-narcissism plays out in our lives. This is an inclusive women’s group.

Transforming our life goals into an exhilarating new journey can evoke a sense of uncertainty. Embracing Empowerment Counselling Services offers a paid workshop designed to seamlessly and smoothly guide you through this transition. This workshop provides a creative space to ignite the leadership skills within you!

This is a bi-weekly peer support group for first responder families across Ontario. This group is constructed with the guidance of the Mental Health Commission of Canada and Peer Support Training. This group is in-person at this time and will expand to virtual in the future. 

This 4-week, Peer-to-Peer Support Group is facilitated by a Mental Health Professional who also dealt with burnout, vicarious trauma, compassionate fatigue, and has been able to encompass tools in their everyday life within the power of conversations.

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Parul Shah, MSP, RSW

Founder and Psychotherapist

I am a private practice services offering experienced personalized counselling for various age groups such as teens (11 to 17), and adults (18 to 65), and a registered social worker and a psychotherapist with the Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Services Workers since 2002. I have three undergraduate degrees in sociology and social work, and I have successfully obtained my Masters of Science in Psychology (MSP) from University of Phoenix. I am currently a doctoral candidate in the psychology PhD program and in my dissertation phase at Walden University.


What Got Me Started?

As we all know, we grow as we learn through our experiences, whether it be a positive situation or a negative one. When I was going through the growth of my own trauma and life lessons, I wished for one thing: to be understood. 



Stephen Covey shared, “In order to be understood, we must understand.”

PARUL SHAH, MSP, RSW sits on a white couch while posing for a picture.

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