Embracing Empowerment

About Us


Embracing Empowerment Counselling Services is a highly accessible Mental Health Service.


To provide quality mental health services to individuals, families, communities and organizations.


We provide services with utmost respect, integrity, honesty, without prejudice and judgment.

Why Therapy With Us?

We opened our doors in 2016 with a simple idea : embracing our  flawed self that guides us  with tools to become a better version of ourselves.


The moment we unravel our pain and hurt in a safe space, is the moment we learn that we are human. With our falls, it teaches us that vulnerability is truly our form of strength.  Once we own it, we embrace the lessons from our pain and empower ourselves to become more resilient. 


We opened our doors to empower individuals across Ontario as they reach out, we reach in by  lending a hand, a listening ear and a compassionate heart through, in person, by phone and by virtual connection. 


This is us. 


Founder And Psychotherapist

I believe that there is no time limit to healing, and therefore therapy goes around the client’s situation and needs. There is no wait time to seek help! I am a click away to your first session.

Internship at Embracing Empowerment Counselling Services

In the therapeutic world, internships are similar to residencies in the medical industry, where Graduate students have completed their courses and are ready to share their learning through practical training as they build their hours to fulfill their potential regulatory requirements. 

Practicum Interns gain knowledge of the therapeutic process and will have the opportunity to engage with clients.  Clients will benefit from the internship experience as it provides them with  reduced cost session fees, while receiving therapy from our interns. 

Internships are given specific limitations on whom they can provide therapy for, and therefore the importance of our Clinical Mental Health consultation will be required prior to any sessions with our interns. 

We continue to invite Graduate Students who are interested in internship/practicum at Embracing Empowerment Counselling Services, to email us directly for more information.

Introducing EECS Interns

Sabreena Castagner -EECS Intern

I am a graduate student at Yorkville University completing my Master’s of Arts in Counselling Psychology. Growing up in a military family, I spent a lot of time moving from base to base. During that time I quickly learned the importance of coping strategies and mental health. In the past I’ve worked in roles conducting intake assessments, and currently i work part time with an employee assistance program and crisis line. 

During my time as a student, I will be seeing clients aged 12 and older. Some of my areas of interest in counselling are working with individuals who suffer from anxiety and depression, relationship difficulties, low self esteem, and life transitions. I strive to create a non-judgmental, confidential space guided by compassion and empathy. My therapeutic approach is cognitive behavioural therapy through a humanistic lens. My style is supportive and collaborative, helping clients to identify and build on the strengths they already have to build meaningful change in their lives. I am so excited to be starting with Embracing Empowerment and thank you for including me on your journey. 

Fatma Turker -EECS Intern

I came to Canada as an adult. I had an LLB from Turkey, but when I came to Canada, I realized that I wanted to work in the mental health field. I studied Psychology-Research Intensive Specialization along with a minor in Social Development Studies at the University of Waterloo and graduated with high honours. I am currently studying at Carleton University’s Master of Social Work program and completing my field placement under Parul Shah’s supervision. 

I also work as a teaching assistant at Carleton University and assist in delivering the “Working with Children and Youth” course to undergraduate students. I have been volunteering as a tutor, where I worked with students of different ages and mentored them to discover their learning styles and explore various study skills and emotion regulation techniques during stressful times.

I will work with teens to support them with their psycho-educational and emotional needs as well as with adults to explore solutions for the stressors in their lives. I am passionate about working with individuals to accompany them while they adapt to challenging life changes and offer support to improve their mental well-being. I embrace a strength-based, collaborative, culturally competent approach to explore the strengths, resilience, supports, and resources individuals have when I accompany their healing journey.

We Are always Ready To Guide You

I believe that there is no time limit to healing, and therefore therapy goes around the client’s situation and needs. There is no wait time to seek help! I am a click away to your first session.

Virtual Clinical Mental Health Consultation

We Offer 60 Minute Virtual Clinical Mental Health Consultation.