Embracing Empowerment Counselling Services continues to offer virtual therapy sessions to new and existing clients. As the province of Ontario re-opens for business, We are slowly bringing back in person sessions on Mondays with precautionary measures. If you're struggling or know someone who is please reach out to us at info@embracingempowerment.com or 613-983-6737. You Are Not Alone.


Sessions are available in our office, over the phone or online with our secure E-Therapy platform
Empowerment Schedule

New Client

We offer 60 Minute Clinical Mental Health Consultations.

Comprehensive Consultation cost - $135

Disclaimer: If you require to cancel your consult, please provide a 24 hour notice. Cancelling under 24 hours for consults will deem a charge of 35.00.

Returning Client?

EECS clients with a scheduled E-Therapy session:

  1. Click Login to E-Therapy Session button
  2. Sign in – Create account
  3. Option for video session