Embracing Empowerment

Resilience Coaching

What is Resilience Coaching?

Re-building and re-formulating with clients around their overall well-being. We develop a sustainable outlook in all areas of life through five resiliency skills:

1. Self Awareness 2. Mindfulness 3. Self Care 4. Healthy relationships 5. Purpose

Embracing Empowerment Counselling Services

Parul Shah is an experienced registered social worker, a psychotherapist and private counsellor through her practice Embracing Empowerment Counselling Services.  She is empathetic to the pain and challenges, and knowledgeable in the complexity of the world around resiliency and healing. She guides clients to embrace their challenges and difficulties, so they are empowered and can grow. Her therapeutic approaches are tailored to her clients’ needs and she is qualified in

Clinical Mental Health Consultation

We offer 50-minute in-person or virtual clinical mental health consultations