As Ontario reopens , we continue to provide virtual therapy and bringing back in-person sessions starting July 5th, for new and existing clients. If you’re struggling or know someone who is please reach out to, as we will reach in as well.  YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

Creating a Tool Box – One Creative Way To Manage Anxiety

Creating a Tool Box – One Creative Way To Manage Anxiety

When the outside world is in chaos, how do we center ourselves from the noise? 

We call it “The Coping Box” .  A box filled with certain things that would be able to assist in managing any form anxiety.  The box can be big, small and it can even be a compact box for you to travel with.   Here are a few ideas on what to add in your coping box:

  • Self Smoothness- comforting things that carries the 5 senses for instance, something to smell like candles; something to hear like music, something to touch like lava beads.
  • Distraction: keeping your mind off things while focusing on something like putting together a puzzle, artwork, inspiring quotes
  • Emotional Awareness : expressing your feelings such as journaling, drawing, poetry writing.
  • Crisis Plan – contact information of support and resources when coping skills aren’t enough such as connecting with a Therapist, A Doctor, a Friend, A Distress Line and 911.

Anxiousness often subsides, but when we are in the moment, it feels like an eternity. Validate that feeling! It’s okay to not be okay right now. Your emotions are part of you, therefore it is meaningful no matter how big or small.

Anxiety, Depression & PTSI – The Silent & Dark Nights During The Holiday Season

Anxiety, Depression & PTSI – The Silent & Dark Nights During The Holiday Season

Honour The Space You’re In

Beautiful colours, the smell of fresh Christmas trees, Carolers singing, the malls filled with people, the ceremonous get togethers with family and friends. Sounds like the most wonderful time of year, but is it really?

Bright lights that shines on our faces constricts ones vision; the smell of fireplaces are a reminder of what the crackling noises meant in our heads, the filled in rooms with people with hundreds of conversations going all at once; the room filled with love, yet constantly noticing ignorance. “Can anyone see me?”

A few examples of how one may look at the holiday season is not necessarily easy for another. The impact of what Anxiety, Depression and PTSI can greatly affect someone’s ability to see the beauty of a holiday season. So how do we manage ourselves or help the ones we love during the stressors of the holiday? Here are a few but effective suggestions:

  • Acknowledging The Emotion We Are In
  • Owning the Emotion We Are Feeling
  • Grounding Ourselves with Affirmations of Safeness
  • Scaling Out Our Fears, Frustration, Depression, Anxiety, with the ones with love
  • Excusing ourselves from the situation without apologizing on How We Feel
  • Recognizing that Pre-Triggers exist – Your Body is Telling You Something – even before your triggers rise up.
  • Creating a “on the go” Coping Box when you are unable to remove yourself from the location you are at.
  • Repeating To Yourself That “It’s Okay To Not Be Okay Right Now”
  • Close Your Eyes, Open Your Arms, And Breathe – bringing back and grounding back to simplicity can be more effective than planning.
The Balancing Act – School and Anxiety

The Balancing Act – School and Anxiety

As beginning of a school year quickly approaches, many students whether in primary, secondary or post secondary are excited to start a new year of learning, yet there are many students who don’t feel the same way about school. According to a 2016 survey that was conducted by the Ontario Secondary, College and University Association, about 65 percent of students reported experiencing the feeling of being overwhelmed by anxiety.  Anxiety is often defined as apprehensive about performing normal daily routines, fear, nervousness that can manifest into physical symptoms.  So how do we help students to overcome their anxiety?  We provide tools to assist in helping them cope, called the “coping box”


  So what is a coping box? It’s a box of any size where you can place stuff that provides calmness during stages of nervousness, being overwhelmed and feeling fearful.

So where do you begin in creating a coping box? You can start by placing comforting things that carries through your 5 senses, for instance, something to smell, such as candles, something to hear such as music.

What does a coping box do?  It keeps your mind off things while focusing on something that provides simplicity such as creating art, putting together a puzzle. It also brings in emotional awareness, such as expressing your feelings through drawing, journaling, poetry writing. In addition coping box also provides the ability of creating mindfulness and grounding tools such as breathing exercises, yoga, meditation.

Keeping a safety plan cue cards are also essential in your coping box such as contact information of support and resources when coping skills aren’t enough such as connecting with a therapist, a doctor, a friend, and/or crisis line.

When your outside world is in chaos,know that you still have the power to create calmness

Social Anxiety: Is It Real?

Social Anxiety: Is It Real?

It’s so easy to feel “you’re losing it” when you have social anxiety.

You’re heart races, your body tenses up, you become quite confused, and you feel every ache in your body.

After hours later, you analyze the scenario you were in, dissecting how you should have handled the situation or environment. You feel quite alone, as you see friends and family moving forward with their day.

We’re here to tell you , You’re Not Alone!

In the era of information overload, it can sometimes be counterproductive to our own anxiety.

We are providing tips by stating the reality :

There is no quick fix, yet embracing the fact that there is no “one” way to reduce or manage social anxiety gives you the ability to know you have the power to engage what tips works for your specific anxiety.

Examining your social anxiety from within – meaning there is always a deeper root to everything – self discovery, self-love, self-care gives you the opportunity to explore more of how it all began- as we say at Embracing Empowerment CS- ” peeling the onion”

Understanding that we are imperfect beings is a very powerful tool. Social anxiety teaches us that we are suppose to be perfect, in a perfect situation, in perfect clothing, perfect outlook on life. We are here to say – there is beauty in imperfection. It’s okay to not be okay.  no matter who you are, your economical status, your gender, your culture, your race – you are Worthy and Valued to have all the tools and guidance to help you become a healthier & stronger selves.

Tips to Calm An Anxious Child

Tips to Calm An Anxious Child

How we approach our children when they aren’t able to speak about what bothers them can change the outlook. Here are a few tips to help you along the way –

1. Feeling safe is the number one thing a child feels comfort

2. Talking, when feeling safe they are able to start processing their thoughts

3. Getting down to their level of what their worry is often makes it real for them and feeling understood

4. Drawing – art therapy is one amazing tool that helps a child express their thoughts

5. More knowledge of their fear the more empowering feeling it becomes for a child. Knowledge is power- embrace it!

6. Deep Breathing or as we often call it Mindfulness techniques are a tool that even adults use when things get overbearing .

7. As parents we cannot see the sight of our own child buried in their worries, give them the time to tell you, it makes a child feel they can reach out and know you’re there . A listening ear is far more productive than fixing their issues for them .

8. Always ask your child – is there anything you need from me? It allows them to understand you are there for them no matter what.

Anxiousness often subsides, but when we are in the moment, it feels like an eternity. And validate that feeling! It’s okay to feel that, it’s their emotions, it’s part of them , therefore it become meaningful , no matter how big or small.